Back pain Back pain is one of the most common pain conditions and can present itself at almost any stage of life from teenagers to the elderly.  
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Pain may arise from the complex arrangement of muscles, ligaments and joints which form the stability of the spine is particularly common with increasing age, injuries such as falls or vehicle accidents, following surgery for disc prolapse or ‘slipped disc’ and after some orthopedic procedures. In the majority of people with acute back pain, muscular or ligamentous injury or strain produces spam in the large muscle of the low back causing typical ‘lumbago’ symptoms with difficulty in moving, sitting and often at rest. Simple symptomatic treatment with analgesics, a short period of rest, then gentle mobilisation and physiotherapy usually resolves the pain and stiffness. However acute pain may also arise from damage to an intervertebral disc, the lumbar facet joints, degeneration of the disc itself, vertebral fractures, infection and many other less common problems. Some of the more common causes will follow.....