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Commonly performed interventional procedures. Procedures may be performed to provide not only benefit to your pain, but also to clarify the precise location of the pain you experience, and to associate your symptoms with a particular place in your body or anatomical structure identified under X-ray control. The outcome of your injection may help to recommend the most appropriate future treatment or management of your symptoms and may improve the pain you have for a significant period of time depending upon the underlying problem. A solution of local anaesthetics and steroid is used for the injections. The local anaesthetic quickly identifies whether your usual pain has been treated by the targeted injection, and to what extent your pain persists. Further areas are identified and located to produce a complete or substantial reduction in symptoms. The effect of the steroid is more long lasting and helps to reduce pain by treating the inflammatory tissue reaction. In some cases the steroid medication may temporarily increase your soreness. A rhizolysis or rhizotomy procedure involves the controlled and targeted interruption of the nerve supply to the area or joint reponsible for your symptoms. Such procedures require the prior identification of the pain generating joints or tissues to ensure that the result of your treatment is appropriate and effective.
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